Commissioning & Testing

  • Fire Alarm verification in province of Alberta as Engineer of Record.

  • Ground Grid testing with fall of potential or Wenner method.

  • Megger and Ductor testing.

  • High Voltage electrical equipment testing.

  • Commissioning & witness tests of generator and electric life safety systems. 

  • Commissioning and Verification of lighting & lighting controls systems in accordance to applicable energy standards. 

Renewable Energy

  • Electrical design of Photovoltaic (PV) Solar, Wind or Electric Vehicle Charging systems.

  • Testing and Commissioning of systems.

  • Electrical equipment selection.

  • Risk and feasibility analysis with costing and ROI reports.

  • Tendering and construction administration.


Systems Design

  • Lighting design, renderings & Tailored lighting controls.

  • Grounding & Lightning system & Fire alarm system.

  • Energy efficient systems (ASHRAE, NECB or local AHJ bylaws & stds.)

  • Power distribution and low tension systems.

  • Communications, PA, Access Control and Security systems.

  • Arc Flash analysis and protection/Coordination studies.

  • Agricultural, Food & Beverage  electrical consulting.


Power Quality Analysis

  •  Power factor correction

  • Fault current analysis and equipment evaluation

  • Fuse and circuit breaker coordination analysis.

  • Harmonics analysis

  •  Power quality analysis (sags, swells, transients)

Electrical Process

Coast to Coast Engineering provides expertise in process and manufacturing facility engineering design:

  • Sanitary requirements.

  • Mission critical.

  • Power quality protection.

  • Energy efficiency.

  • Minimal maintenance requirement.

  • Enhanced reliability.


Scope & Construction Management

  • Construction Administration

  • Coordination with client and stakeholder teams.

  • Coordination with AHJ and external consultants & Architects.

  • Feasibility studies, CAPEX & OPEX

  • Field inspections.

  • Reporting and review of construction activities.